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Touching the Samsung Ultra Touch

Touching the Samsung Ultra Touch

At the GSMA World Congress, Samsung ensured that touch-screen phone fans would not be disappointed. Besides the Omnia HD and the Beat DJ, the company also introduced the Ultra Touch.

The Ultra Touch differs from the Beat DJ and Omnia HD by offering a numeric keypad for those that favor physical controls. Alternatively, you can use a virtual keypad when the phone is closed for texting and dilating.

The 2.8-inch display supports 16 million colors. It's bright and vibrant and you can take advantage of Samsung's TouchWiz interface. Below the display are Talk and End buttons and a diamond-shaped Back button. The first two controls are flush but the latter is tactile. The flat keypad comes in either red or blue.

You'll have to slide up the phone to expose the camera lens, self-portrait mirror and flash. The rear face of the slider matches the keypad. A Micro-USB port and a camera shutter sit on the right spine while a volume rocker rests on the right spine.

Features include a music player, an FM radio, stereo Bluetooth, assisted-GPS, and an 8-megapixel camera. For more pictures, peruse our Samsung slide show. We'll add video soon.


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